BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 8/01/07 -- Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. (PDV), Hungary's premiere technology acquisition company is pleased to announce the formation of in4 LLC, a Hungarian software company working on developing semantic internet technology. The product is the brain child of Peter Vasko, a respected programmer and web search authority. Mr. Vasko will serve as the Managing Director of in4 LLC.

In connection with the transaction PDV signed a loan commitment with in4. According to the agreement the Company committed to loan in4 approximately $271,000 in total funds. The loan can be withdrawn by in4 through May 31, 2009 in monthly or quarterly installments. The loan bears interest at the Hungarian prime interest rate. The purpose of the loan is to finance the development of in4’s revolutionary software product called ‘iGlue’, a search engine, content organizer, database builder, interactive encyclopedia and social network enabler based on semantic internet technology.

Pursuant to the agreement PDV received 30% equity in in4 LLC.

"This is a significant equity purchase transaction for us. in4’s iGlue is so revolutionary there is now way I can adequately communicate its significance in a press release. It will revolutionize online search and information delivery. I don’t want to make comparisons to other established brands, but I will say iGlue’s market impact will be significant." commented Viktor Rozsnyay, President of the Company.

According to the contract, if the software is successfully deployed, the outstanding amount of the loan, and the related interest, may be converted into equity by PDV in in4 for up to and additional 10%, giving PDV total equity of 40%.

"Peter is a great innovator and a prudent manager. All monies allocated to the development will be spent in a manner agreed upon. I believe our iGlue equity position will yield significant returns to our investors. I for one am very excited that we can work together with Peter and the rest of the iGlue team on this revolutionary project." added Daniel Kun, Vice President of the Company.

On a going forward basis in4 will finish programming of iGlue and then release a public Beta of the product on the Internet, in the first half of 2008.

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Viktor Rozsnyay

Daniel Kun, Jr.
Vice President


Source: Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc.