BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 1/22/08 -- Power of the Dream Ventures (PDV), Hungary's premiere technology acquisition company, today announced the launching of the Company's new corporate website.

"I am pleased to announce that following a two month development effort we have officially launched our redesigned corporate website today in anticipation of commencing trading on the OTCBB stock exchange. We founded this company two years ago to address a real and viable market need in Hungary - a company capable of assisting Hungarian inventors commercialize their products on international markets. The intellectual prowess of Hungary is well known. Up until now our inventors had an exceedingly hard time getting their ideas in front of receptive audiences. In essence they only had what we call, and what become our company name, a Power of the Dream. We are almost to the point where trading can commence, and we can show the world what Hungarian minds are capable of. Our new website was developed with this goal in mind.", commented Viktor Rozsnyay, President of the Company.

The new website features information on the Company, the various technologies PDV has under management, and at the same time provides a glimpse into Hungary via high resolution photographs and also serves to educate users via a historical retrospective, a quick introduction to past Hungarian greats of technology and innovation. Once trading commences, the site will also feature live stock quotes of PDV's stock price.

"I believe our new website to be informative, well designed and it will also educate visitors on what Hungarian minds have accomplished in the past. We also present our ever expanding portfolio of technologies, providing insight into what 21st century Hungarian innovators, the new generation of thinkers, will add to world knowledge.", added Daniel Kun, Vice President of the Company.

For more information please visit our new corporate website at

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About PDV.
Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. is a premier holding company focused on technology acquisition and development enabling the delivery of revolutionary concepts and ready to market products to the international market place. We provide hands on support by developing-, acquiring-, licensing-, or co-developing technologies by offering a full range of services designed to encourage and nurture growth by virtue of access to the expertise of Power of the Dream Ventures' management team, and their substantial network of advisors and contacts. We develop-, acquire-, license-, or co-develop technologies that originate exclusively in Hungary that are in prototype stage based on existing patents; in prototype stage prior to patenting; existing products that require expansion capital to commercialize; emerging science and high-technology research projects that require help in patenting, developing the product and marketing, University spin-off technologies and ideas from the very early stages on that represent "disruptive technologies."


Viktor Rozsnyay

Daniel Kun, Jr.
Vice President


Source: Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc.