BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 2/26/08 -- Power of the Dream Ventures (PDV), one of Hungary's premier technology acquisition companies, announced today that the Company has begun testing its FireSAFE product.

FireSAFE is an environmentally safe, biodegradable liquid designed to prevent, and if necessary, extinguish natural fires (forest, bush) that are exceedingly hard, or impossible, to contain with water or other fire fighting methods. The technology fireproofs to 1,100 degrees centigrade all substances it contacts. It is also suitable for fire prevention by coating fire hazard areas with the product.

The testing is aimed at establishing, via accredited facilities, the product's safety and operational parameters, and providing certification that is acceptable to fire fighting agencies in order to start using the product.

"Forest fires pose a real problem worldwide. Once testing completes, which we anticipate to conclude in the second quarter, FireSAFE will be available for licensing worldwide. On an immediate basis technology demonstrations are available by appointment." said Mihaly Zala, Chief Technology Officer of the Company.

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Source: Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc.