BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 4/4/08 -- Power of the Dream Ventures (PDV), one of Hungary's premier technology acquisition companies, today announced that the Company has ordered a second round of testing at VITUKI, Hungary's Environmental and Water Management Research and Consulting Ltd., of the Company's RiverPower technology.

VITUKI houses Central-Eastern Europe's largest water testing equipment. RiverPower will be tested in a 70 meter long 1.5 meter wide channel. Rather than moving water through a stationary device, the one fourth scale prototypes will be moved in the water through the length of the canal. As the connected vertical wheels turn, torque is transferred to a single shaft where it is measured to determine potential power generating characteristics of the device.

This second rounds of testing is aimed at enhancing and optimizing the design of RiverPower, the end result of which will be an increase in performance on the order of two to three times of the original machines.

Once testing completes, anticipated by the end of August, a full sized machine is to be installed and river tested at a suitable location.
RiverPower is a proprietary, environmentally friendly, renewable power generation technology aimed at converting the flow of rivers into electricity without the need for expensive and environmentally degrading dam construction. In order to generate electricity, RiverPower generators are simply submerged into rivers and anchored to the riverbed. As long as the river flow exceeds one meter per second, RiverPower machine will generate electrical power economically.

About PDV.
Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. is a premier holding company focused on technology acquisition and development enabling the delivery of revolutionary concepts and ready to market products to the international market place. We develop, acquire, license, or co-develop technologies that originate exclusively in Hungary that are in prototype stage based on existing patents; in prototype stage prior to patenting; existing products that require expansion capital to commercialize; emerging science and high-technology research projects that require help in patenting, developing the product and marketing, University spin-off technologies and ideas from the very early stages on that represent "disruptive technologies." For more information please visit our website at Http://


Viktor Rozsnyay
President & CEO

Daniel Kun, Jr.
Vice President


Source: Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc.