BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 3/19/09 -- Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. (OTC BB: PWRV), Hungary's premier technology acquisition and development company, today announced that in4, Ltd. has began issuing beta tester keys to individuals who registered as of February 2, 2009.

The beta key enables users to log-in and test the front end of in4's iGlue internet search and content organizer application called IceCube. IceCube is a cross domain compatible user interface connecting the diverse functionality of iGlue in an extremely easy to use product that is backed by a database organized on multi-dimensional, semantic principles. IceCube brings a wealth of information on a diverse number of topics to user without leaving the website being browsed.

In its current limited Beta release a New York Times article can be browsed, providing a cross inked database of hundreds of thousands of entries, images, videos and more.

"We would ask all registered beta testers to give us as much feedback as possible on IceCube. Functionality, ergonomics, features, ease of use (or lack thereof) and more. A special feedback form was created for this purpose. In the coming weeks additional browseable web pages will be added for testing, including an Egyptian theme travel site, a news site and a commercial site. In four weeks the Beta test will also be opened to the 'back end' of IceCube, the searchable database behind iGlue. By the end of August the entire iGlue experience with automatic annotation and user generated entries will be online and will be usable on any webpage of the World Wide Web," commented Viktor Rozsnyay, CEO of Power of the Dream Ventures.

iGlue will also allow community editing, much like Wikipedia. This feature will be open to Beta testers by the end of June.

"I am excited in releasing beta keys for iGlue. In the coming months lots and lots of additional features will be brought online culminating in a live release of the software. I hope our user community will enjoy iGlue as much as we did in developing it," added Peter Vasko, CEO of in4, Ltd.

Of the original 1000 beta tester positions approximately 30% remain available. in4, Ltd. is still looking for interested parties to register and help shape the final product. To register to be an iGlue beta tester please visit

Power of the Dream Ventures acquired equity in in4, Ltd. in 2007 and has been financing development of iGlue since. The Company currently owns 40% of in4, Ltd.

About PDV.

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Chief Technology Officer
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At in4 Ltd.:
Peter Vasko
President and CEO
Phone: +36-1-786-9783


Source: Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc.