BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 11/16/09 -- Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. (OTC BB: PWRV), Hungary's premier technology acquisition and development company, today announced that in4, Ltd. has launched the public beta release of its revolutionary content organizer and semantic search application called iGlue.

iGlue is an online content manager that incorporates semantic search technology. It goes beyond today's language-dependant search-engines, tools that are only capable of identifying character-strings. iGlue recognizes and manages entities, not keywords. For example it can find "Alexander the Great" regardless of language boundaries - search results will show "Alejandro Magno", "Büyük İskender", "Lissandru lu Granni" and "Nagy Sándor" as all variations refer to the same person as written in various languages.

The heart of iGlue is a collaboratively developed, flexible database that contains semantic elements, entities, and their relations. We believe that the collaboration of motivated and enthusiastic people will bring about a new, network-based intellectual repository of the information age, a system that will take the internet to the next level of knowledge management.

Following the successful completion of private beta testing, iGlue is now released in this public beta world wide. Developed over the course of several years, iGlue represents a completely new paradigm of data management, organization and presentation.

The database backing this public release contains over twenty million entities including over two and a half million geographical locations, one hundred and thirty thousand names, and more than ten thousand institutional entries. This, of course, is only the beginning. As the database is being filled, these initial numbers will continue to grow significantly throughout the coming months and years.

"Under development for over two years, iGlue represents the most creative and imaginative internet application I have ever seen. I firmly believe it is going to change the way we view and access information on the internet. I am glad we were fortunate enough to support this incredible development. In months ahead we’ll bring all functions of iGlue online. I hope people will use the system daily, actively participating in its growth," - said Viktor Rozsnyay, CEO of Power of the Dream Ventures.

"I am proud we have reached the current state of completion and that iGlue is finally ready for public release. Our small but dedicated team spent over two years rethinking the way information is presented on the Internet. iGlue is the result of our thought process. I can only hope that the internet community will recognize its potential, and will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life. In the next three months many additional features will be added to fully articulate all iGlue is capable of, including community editing of our database. I would like to thank everyone at the company for their dedication and hard work," - added Peter Vasko, CEO of in4, Ltd.

Main features of iGlue include:

  • Collaborative editing
  • Free usage and accessibility
  • Managing the semantic relation(s) of pieces of information
  • Open architecture to cooperate with other systems (Trans-system technology)
  • Duplicate- and error-filtering aided by artificial intelligence
  • Multi-lingual text handling
  • Intelligent managing of resources and resource hierarchies
  • Feedback-based quality control

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Source: Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc.