BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 9/3/11 -- Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB: PWRV), Hungary's premier technology acquisition and development company, today announced that the company has successfully competed engineering work on a new power generator for RiverPower.

The new generator, which the company believes to be unique in its design, was especially engineered to meet the special requirements of RiverPower machines. One of the main obstacles to using a traditional, 3000-rpm generator was the need for an elaborate gear mechanism to speed up the 10-20-rpm rotational speed of the machine. Such a gear mechanism inevitably results in loss of energy due to friction. In order to make RiverPower fully viable a new generator was needed, capable of producing meaningful electrical output at these slow, 10-20 revolutions per minute.

"Our new generator is a two-phase, 45 pole design capable of producing form 5kW to 50kW of electrical power, depending on design. The most interesting aspect is the 45 poles. In a traditional generator 2 poles are employed and they spin at 3000rpm. A 4 pole generator would spin at 1500rpm and so forth. For the slow moving medium of rivers our design utilizes 45 of these poles which allows the unit to produce power at 10-20rpm, power than can be fed into the grid directly through an inverter," commented Mihaly Disznos, the engineer in charge of development.

These new generators, in addition to making RiverPower feasible, are especially suited for windmill applications where slow rotational speeds are the norm. With these new generators the gearbox used in standard wind mill becomes obsolete, as the slow turning shaft of the propeller blade can be directly connected to the generator itself.

"Now that work has been completed on the generators we can actually build a full scale RiverPower machine and begin water testing, in addition to the laboratory testing we have been conducting. Over the course of the last year we had a number of discussions with local government agencies here in Hungary to field test the machine in a city next to the river Danube. We hope to complete construction of a full size machine this year and water test early next year," commented Viktor Rozsnyay, CEO of the company "As an added benefit, during the generator development phase, we received numerous inquiries from wind mill manufacturers if they could install and test the new design. We could have easily sold up to fifty units. Now that the final design is completed we are exploring the possibility of manufacturing a limited number of them, in addition to RiverPower’s needs, to install and test in real life wind turbine applications," Mr. Rozsnyay added.

The company hopes to have a pilot wind mill installed by the end of this year as a technology demonstrator, with further units built in the first part of 2012.

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